About Us

Safe and Fun Taekwondo Training


To build true confidence through strength in my body, honesty in my heart, and knowledge in my mind.
To keep friendship with one another and to build a strong and happy community.
Never fight to achieve selfish ends, but to develop Might for Right!

Thank you for your interest in the Jhoon Rhee System of Tae Kwon Do. Established in 1962 by Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee the "Father of American Tae Kwon Do", Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do is one of the most recognized and respected martial arts systems in the World. We have more than 59 years of experience in the Washington DC area providing Tae Kwon Do instruction for students of all ages.

We strongly believe in the value of Tae Kwon Do instruction for all age levels, especially for the young. Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do emphasizes the disciplines of attention and respect; concentration and timing; strength and flexibility; goal setting, achievement and accomplishment, sportsmanship, confidence, character, and of course, FUN!


Study of the Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do System brings together the energy of the mind and the body. Our program is especially beneficial to children and is designed to enable a child to focus and concentrate on achieving worthwhile goals and to meet life’s challenges with total confidence.

Our objective is to provide a fun-filled and positive learning environment for all our young students that will enhance the development of basic good habits such as paying attention, following directions, cooperating with others, respect for self and others, self-control, and self-discipline.


Based on the unique martial arts style and teaching strategies of Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, the Father of American Tae Kwon Do, our instructional approach is the culmination of nearly half a century of ongoing development and refinement. As a result, ours is a truly proven system, a martial arts experience that has for decades provided fun, fitness, and self-defense ability. Just as important, we believe, our system develops skills that apply to life overall—enhancing confidence, focus, and discipline in ways that benefit our students in all their personal endeavors. At Jhoon Rhee Falls Church, all of our martial arts staff members have received formal instructor certification from the Jhoon Rhee Institute, and all full-time staff members are CPR certified and have undergone criminal and child sex offender background checks.