Limited space available for the upcoming school year. We pick up students from Kent Gardens, Lemon Road, Haycock Elementary, and Shrevewood Elementary schools. For more information, please submit your request below.


The Jhoon Rhee After School Pick-Up staff is dedicated to providing a place where children can maximize their potential and parents can feel confident that their children are in a safe and secure learning environment. Our program is limited to no more than 45 students so space is limited. For detailed information on policies and rates, please download the pdf files on this page. The success of our program is based on our policy that all students who are accepted must first be a student in our Tae Kwon Do Program. Unlike the other martial arts programs that accept any student who needs aftercare, children in our program must enjoy the Tae Kwon Classes since class participation is mandatory.

If your child is not currently a member, please make an appointment to observe a beginner class currently in session (link below). After the observation, your child can register for our 4 week trial membership which includes 2 classes per week including a basic uniform for $195. Once your child completes the trial, you will have a better understanding of our program and if we are a good fit for your child's after school care needs. Please note that children will not be considered for our after school program until they participate in our 4 week trial membership. The sooner you start the trial, the better your child's chances of becoming a member.