Kneehigh Ninja

"Innovative and modern curriculum created by Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee."

Teaching kids is our specialty! Our Kneehigh Ninja program is designed specifically for younger children ages 5 to 7. Our objective is to provide a fun filled and positive learning environment for pre-school and kindergarten age students which will enhance the development of basic good habits such as paying attention, following directions, cooperating with others, respect for self and others, self-control and self-discipline. Children enrolled in our Kneehigh program will learn the following curriculum.

Our Kneehigh Ninja Program

The Physical Expression of Attention (Chario) and Respect (Kyoung ye)

The basic techniques: Front Punch, Back Punch, Front Kick and Back Front Kick

Side Block, Down Block, Rising Block—Blocks and Counters

Stretching Drills—Daily Dozen Stretching Classes

Focusing Drills—Focus Punch and Focus Kick

Balancing Drills—Three Count Front Kick

Form Kamsah, Meaning "Appreciation"

Stranger Danger

Memorization of the Student Creed and Four Daily Affirmations

Call us for an appointment to observe a class already in session. If your child is interested, you can participate in our

$195 Four week trial. The trial includes a uniform and allows your child to take 2 classes per week.


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