Here’s what our customers have to say

I wanted to share a story with you that highlights how much David has learned with your program and is a testament to you and your staff.We were at the pool Saturday and Dave was playing with some of his friends during the break. They started off having a squirt gun battle and this led into play fighting and wrestling which is normal for kids.

Darryl Graham

The school is well run, respectful to both parents and students, has terrific instructors, and the program is well rounded. The instruction is age appropriate from pre-school through middle school. I have to say I am still impressed by how well the instructors manage groups of such young children.

Carolyn Brown

I highly recommend Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do. Even beyond the organized office, the pleasant location, and the inspiring curriculum, the skillful instruction makes this school superior. To watch Master Rhee instruct my kids is to watch a master indeed; he can be funny and stern at the same time, and his manner with the young ones is never abrupt or condescending.

Chris Clardy

The students are attentive and discipline and expectations on the part of the instructors is age appropriate and builds upon the core goals of self-discipline and respect. The teachers are knowledgeable and skilled in their techniques and there is no doubt that they sincerely care for their students. They know each child by name and make a special point of recognizing effort and commitment.

Mike and Kim Copperthite

My son has been in the program for a number of years and loves being there. He always feels good about his progress. As a parent I appreciate the positive messages.

Each student sets goals for themselves as far academics and social projects.

Susan Earman

I am writing to strongly recommend the Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do program as a wonderful opportunity for young kids in this area to study the martial arts. My son is five and has been a part of the school for a year. I chose this program over many others in the area because of their message of self-respect and friendship and because of the caring way that the staff conducts the classes.

Deborah Gilpin

The Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do instructors are committed, highly qualified and caring. It is a martial arts program appropriate for everyone - all ages and backgrounds – but it is especially valuable for kids.

Veronica V. Goff