Here’s what our customers have to say

I think that the Jhoon Rhee program benefited the boys in a variety of ways. Physically is helped them improve their sense of balance and body coordination. It also helped to teach them perseverance. The road to a Black Belt is not always easy and both boys had their failures at time. However the instructors were able to maintain a balance between encouragement and fun on one hand and commitment to a goal on the other which helped my boys stick with the program.

William and Mary Lewers

My son is currently a student at the Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do School in Falls Church, VA. He has participated in the structured curriculum for a year now, and the benefits and results we have seen are incredible. He has learned discipline and nurtured his self-confidence through age-appropriate challenges and fun.

Lisa McKean

I would like you to know that my son, David, has been taking lessons for approximately three years. He has progressed to his brown belt and enjoys this activity as part of his normal routine. David is 12 years old and we have seen great maturity in him over the past three years. I contribute a lot of that to Master Rhee and all the instructors at the school. He has learned respect and self-control and how to work hard to achieve a goal. He is always encouraged to practice and to try harder and to do better by all his teachers.

Brooke Mock

Jhoon Rhee takes discipline and respect very seriously, and they work hard with each individual student to teach those values. In addition to the class time, the kids must perform home tasks in order to qualify for the next belt. These tasks are important life skills such as cleaning your room, showing respect, eating vegetables, exercising, etc. The program is rewarding for the kids, as they are able to advance to a new belt approximately every 4 weeks, and there are occasional tournaments. The teachers are fantastic, and are excellent role models for the kids. They impose discipline and respect, but also reward and praise.

Norah Molnar

We have enrolled both of our sons in classes at Jhoon Rhee and have always been very impressed with their professionalism. They work so well with children of all ages, they communicate well with parents, they are friendly and they run a great program.

Debbie & Andrew Ratliff