Here’s what our customers have to say

My son has been taking Tae Kwon Do at Jhoon Rhee since early this year and we are extremely pleased with the program. My son Max, (four and a half years old), has a speech delay that has significantly affected the way he can communicate with both his peers and adults. I feel Max has learned so much from attending these classes – we are very grateful we learned of this school.

Tara Johnson

Our entire family has been attending classes at the Jhoon Rhee Institute of Tae Kwon Do in Falls Church for the last 5+ years and I think that it is an excellent organization.

Andy Hemmendinger

I have spent many hours coaching and guiding my son. I knew I needed to find the right venues for my boy so he could flourish. After looking at four other Tae Kwon Do programs, I settled on Master Rhee’s program and have never looked back. I chose well and my son has greatly benefited from their guidance and consistency.

Cynthia Galli

Jhoon Rhee offers a lot of flexibility in class times which was important to me as a parent. I was able to make sure my son could attend two classes a week every week even when other appointments or work caused changes in our family schedule. There were usually four or five class times to choose from each week.

Julie Kipers

Our son had been placed in the advanced reading program in Kindergarten and academically has been doing great yet we were struggling with how to divert his high energy into something constructive and beneficial. We saw the ad in the ParkTakes catalog last Spring for the Jhoon Rhee Program and thought, we should give it another chance as we had not previously tried your program. Thank goodness we did! He has absolutely “bloomed” since we started him at Jhoon Rhee in Falls Church.

Carolyn Ku